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Communicating Your Ideas

Podium Prose writers have assisted scores of business executives, government leaders, political candidates, and non-profit organizations communicate their ideas through crisp, memorable speeches and powerful written materials.

Speechwriting is our specialty. We don't believe in, and will never use, boilerplate prose. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to public speaking. We tailor speeches to the style of the individual, the needs of the audience, and the subject matter being addressed. Our job isn't finished until your speech is a completely comfortable fit.

Beyond speechwriting, we have also produced op-ed pieces, website text, white papers, press releases, annual reports, video scripts, and an assortment of collateral materials.

We are always happy to provide samples of our work upon request.

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Partial List of CLients Served by Podium Prose Writers/Consultants:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Oprah Winfrey



Cleveland Clinic

American Clinical Laboratories Association

State of Ohio

AES Energy


National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

American Gas Association

American Insurance Association

Edison Electric Institute

Texas Rangers Baseball Club



Annapolis Web Publishing