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Stan Hinden

Stan Hinden

Retirement is a hot issue these days, particularly with  baby-boom audiences looking ahead to the transition away from their daily working lives. No one brings greater expertise to the subject of retirement, or presents it with greater panache, than Stan Hinden, acclaimed author and writer of the “Retirement Journal” column in The Washington Post.

Hinden has a knack for delivering retirement  advice in an enjoyable, practical style that his readers appreciate and understand. He is the author of How to Retire Happy: Everything You Need to Know About 12 Most Important Decisions You Must Make Before Your Retire. This book, published by McGraw-Hill, was inspired by the experiences he and  his wife, Sara, have had as retirees themselves.

He takes an approach that goes beyond conventional financial advice for retirees. Hinden also discusses the physical and emotional complexities that retirees experience after three or four decades of working. He gives sound ideas on how to be healthy and happy, in addition to being financially secure, in one’s retirement years.

Hinden’s “Retirement Journal” column was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and also won awards from the American University School of Communication and the Investment Company Institute for excellence in personal finance reporting.

Before he retired, Hinden wrote about stocks and mutual funds for the Washington Post business pages. In his 45-year journalism career, Hinden was also editor of the highly-respected National Journal and was national  political correspondent, editorial page editor and political editor for the New York daily newspaper Newsday. Whether the topic is investing, second careers or developing new interests in one’s post-working years, Stan Hinden brings interesting insights into retirement issues that will keep audiences engaged and enrich their own futures.


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