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Martha McNeil Hamilton

Martha McNeil Hamilton

In today’s environment, achieving financial security is more difficult than ever. For audiences interested in sound advice on how to make the right moves with their money, Martha McNeil Hamilton is the right speaker at the right time.

Today, Hamilton writes the “Your Financial Future” column for the AARP Bulletin. From 2006 to 2008, she wrote the “Financial Futures” column for The Washington Post, providing insights on how to successful prepare for retirement. Earlier in her tenure at the Post, Hamilton was an assignment editor, directing the newspaper’s Wall Street and corporate crime coverage.

Hamilton is also co-author, along with her former Washington Post colleague Warren Brown, of the book Black and White and Red All Over. The book tells the story of how Hamilton, who grew up in segregated, white, blue-collar Houston, donated a kidney to Brown, who grew up in segregated, black, Catholic New Orleans, when he was critically ill with kidney disease. The book shares their story, one of integration, lifelong friendship and one person’s decision to save another’s life.


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