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Gerry Czarnecki

Gerry Czarnecki

Organizations throughout the country, from Fortune 500 companies  to small enterprises with a handful of employees, have improved their effectiveness and achieved peak performance by utilizing the training skills and compelling presentations of Gerry Czarnecki.

Czarnecki heads The Deltennium Group,   a team of speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who have achieved proven results in expanding the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of all leaders within an organization.

A Gerry Czarnecki presentation will have a lasting effect on any audience.

Gerry’s ability to relate to leaders at all levels of an organization stems from his own background. He’s worked at all levels – from machine operator to chief executive officer. He is a former senior vice president of IBM and a chairman and chief executive officer of three banks. At every step along the way in his diverse career, he has sharpened, perfected and applied the skills and principles possessed by great leaders.

In every speech and seminar, Gerry Czarnecki shares his insights on how leaders are able to make a difference. In seminars on subjects covering leadership, management and marketing, he provides practical, hands-on tips on how to take individual and group performances to a higher level.

He is the author of the acclaimed book, You’re in Charge…What Now?, which provides seven essential steps for those who must get optimum results from the people they lead. He works regularly with corporate boards, executive management teams and middle management leaders to create a culture of sustained excellence.

Practical leadership advice, delivered in a memorable, enjoyable style…that’s what keeps Gerry Czarnecki in heavy demand throughout the country.


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