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Glenna Crooks

Glenna Crooks

Having advised American Presidents and company CEOs, Glenna Crooks has perspectives on the challenges of tough times. Her observations about how individuals and organizations create sustainable change regardless of the barriers they face is captured in her Centricity Principle™ strategy approach, currently used in projects globally to improve health and solve important public policy problems.

Dr. Crooks, as founder of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc. works "behind the scenes" serving the commercial and policy needs of businesses and governments. She has a knack for organizing chaos and suggesting simple, action-oriented, successful solutions to tough problems. Her Strategic Facilitation™ method has  been recognized as one of the most effective ways to resolve conflicts and create consensus among disparate interests.

Her methods are derived from interdisciplinary studies and experience in public, not-for-profit, and private sectors. She held a senior health policy advisor position as a presidential appointee, developed global policy operations at Merck & Co., Inc., and as global vice-president of its commercial  vaccine operations, tripled vaccine sales in less than three years. She is devoted to academic, professional, and philanthropic endeavors as well.

She is the first civilian to have received the highest award in public health, the Surgeon General's Medallion and was named a Disruptive Woman in Health Care for the positive solutions to health care problems she has developed in her career.

She is the author of Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing and the founder of Best Edge, which develops individualized strategies for high-performing executives who want to perform their best as they confront their unique challenges as leaders.

Dr. Crooks is one of the few policy pundits to address the role of health in economic security and productivity, viewing health care as an investment rather than a cost and proposing practical ways to realize returns on those investments.


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